J is for Jumping into bed

Now, now, settle down. I don’t mean in the way that all you dirty minded folk out there are thinking. I mean I am literally going to jump into my bed (lazily drag myself into bed) and go to sleep. For the past two weeks I have only been getting four or five hours of sleep. It has finally caught up with me and I am delirious. Over the spring break I became nocturnal (my preferred way of living). I started going to bed later and later until eventually I was going to sleep at 6:30 in the morning. When I went back to work after the break, it was impossible for me to go to fall asleep at a reasonable time. Then, I decided to participate in the A to Z challenge which has me writing a new blog post every night before I go to sleep. So now I am exhausted and instead of writing a proper post I am jumping into bed. Goodnight!